Your company retains essential management control over the work performed by the employees. Meanwhile, we do all the rest. We assume responsibility for payroll, taxes, benefits, and all the rest that comes with along with HR services.

Sharron Zhang    China Affairs Partner

Ms. Sharron Zhang is a practicing lawyer in Chinese law since 2011, graduated with a master’s degree in business law from University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. During this period, she has provided multinational corporations clients with foreign-related legal advice, handled company law rights litigation and arbitration, handled foreign-related commercial disputes and designed legal frameworks for multinational investment projects. She has extensive experience in international legal services. She provided legal service for foreign investment project of Wan xiang group, NVC lighting, Haidilao and ect.. Professional areas include foreign direct investment, company law, commercial law, labor law, foreign company compliance, foreign-related litigation, and arbitration.

Nattapong Poonmaksatid      Legal partner

Nattapong commenced his legal career in 2002. He has been practicing law in Thailand and serving many foreign clients for more than 15 years. He has worked with many law firms based in Bangkok such as RSM Advisory (Thailand) Limited, Blumenthal Richter & Sumet Ltd.. His expertise areas are corporate and commercial, business transactions, foreign direct investment, investment promotion law (BOI), due diligence, labor and employment, real estate, and contacting and liaising with government authorities. 

Nattapong is a member of the Thai Bar Association and the Law Society of Thailand. He graduated a Master of Laws (Business Law) International Program from Chulalongkorn University. He has Lawyer license, Notarial Services Attorney and also Patent Attorney License.

Qiao Liping  China Affairs Tax Partner

Qiao Liping, a Chinese certified public accountant, has been engaged in finance and auditing for more than 20 years. During the time, she has worked in public institutions as finance supervisors for 12 yearsand has worked as Chinese certified public accountants for 11 years. She well-know the establishment of final accounts and internal control of enterprises and has full auditing experience. The team she in charge with is responsible for auditing and advisory projects in multiple industries and well-known foreign-owned brands such as Calzedonia, Pinko, etc.. She is sophisticated of help enterprises to cooperate with tax authorities on tax audits of enterprises in their regions, checking corporate tax compliance.


Frank Fang    China Affairs Tax Partner

Mr. Frank Fang is a Chinese certified public accountant, a British Chartered Certified Accountant, and the chief accountant of Shanghai Diacron CPA Co., Ltd.. He has 17 years’ experience in auditing, advisory and tax planning. He obtained a master of business administration in the UK. After graduation, he worked in state-owned enterprises under the Nanjing Port Authority for nine years, and has been responsible for the accounting work of several subordinate units. In March 2002, he changed to the Zhongtianyin Accounting Firm Jiangsu Branch for audit work and was responsible for audit projects in many industries and types of enterprises and institutions. From March 2010 to the present, he has been engaged in auditing and management in Shanghai Diacron CPA Co., Ltd., and has been tax and financial consultants of multination enterprises. During this period, he has organized variety of consulting and audit projects for various types of companies from different countries

Phitchayanin Nonphanaphon   Senior Tax Advisor

Ms. Phitchayanin Nonphanaphon is Thailand CPD License holder, and has 12 years of working experience in tax and accounting in a variety of industries ,from advertising, to  restaurant chain, to machinery manufacture. She is very familiar with tax compliance in Thailand, and has extensive experience in consulting and management of processes optimization underlying all tax activities


Connecting you

Silk Road Legal works with major companies from around the world to develop their business in Thailand. As your local partner and commercial arm we help you effectively navigate through the Asian market, driving the value of your business.

Uniquely qualified

By weaving intercultural communication right into our core structure, we have built an expert team of local and international consultants. Their combined knowledge, experience and resources, along with Silks Road Legal’s extensive network and flexible models of cooperation enables us to help companies of all shapes and sizes succeed in China and beyond.

How we help you

Through a combination of strategy, legal advisory, coaching, and practical tools – such as training, branding, marketing and localisation – we help you gain investment, develop strategic partnerships and win commercial contracts with local players to significantly accelerate your growth in the market.

Who we work with

Whether you are an up-and-coming start-up, an SME looking to take the next step or a large corporation looking to shake up the market we ensure you take the rights steps to hit the ground running and make your vision a reality.

Our Values


We are constantly striving to find better and smarter ways to meet our clients’ needs. So innovation is driven into every aspect of our company’s work. Encouraging our team to challenge established practices and explore new methods ensures we keep pace with fast-changing market conditions and ensure we are always delivering true value to our clients.

Invest in people

One of our highest priorities is investing in our team to ensure they are knowledgeable, proactive, and able to meet clients’ needs. Creating a dynamic, fun and safe environment helps everyone at Silk Road Legal to flourish and achieve their full potential.


Establishing a relationship of trust and transparency is paramount to our approach. The opinions and judgments we provide are always objective, honest and in the best interests of our clients. We only take on new business if we are convinced that we can add significant value. We promise complete confidentiality and will never publicise our work with you without your explicit permission.
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