Buy and Sell Property

The Ministry of Commerce and the Land Office are the two government authorities which deal with property registration

Company Verification

Companies looking to do business in Thailand can make use of our professional service to conduct comprehensive due diligence on the potential business partners for their commercial operations. In reason to the limited open channels to the public for accessing financial information in Asia, companies find this to be a very hard task. Considered the Largest Law Firm in Asia, we have exclusive access to large range of information resulting in very deep and complete search of companies in Thailand.

Dispute Resolution in Thailand

Background searches and asset preservation actions, civil and criminal proceedings, including assessment of claims and development of strategy, trial and appeal, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings, enforcement of court judgments and orders.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Advising on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures in Thailand, cross-border bankruptcy and liquidation cases, handling Thailand and cross-border bankruptcy and liquidation legal procedures.





Grace, SILU Legal business services coordinator

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