HR Services In Thailand

丝路法律服务是一个专门为中国对泰投资提供法律与财税服务的事务所。我们的客户主要是各个行业的知名跨国企业。我们通过近距离的随时沟通,与我们的客户一起在泰国扎根和成长。为了给国际背景的客户服务,我们的团队是一个多元文化、多种语言混合的团队。我们的主要工作语言为中英文。 我们投资专家在各自的专业领域,都拥有十年以上的经验,能够在复杂的案件中,一击要害,有效的为您解决问题。

HR Recruitment in Thailand

Your company retains essential management control over the work performed by the employees. Meanwhile, we do all the rest. We assume responsibility for payroll, taxes, benefits, and all the rest that comes with along with HR services. One of the biggest risks employers face in executing China payroll is not fully complying with the nation’s employment guidelines regulations. To help companies minimize their risk, we offer everything from payroll services to benefits administration, so companies can never worry about human resources in Thailand anymore.

Payroll services in Thailand

Our PEO services will hire your company’s staff for you and oversee all HR-related functions. This is a perfect solution for everyone looking to achieve great efficiency on managing HR costs.

Visa and Immigration in Thailand

Silk Road Legal will assist in obtaining the appropriate visa and work permits for foreign employees, business owners, visitors, and etc. As a complement to our immigration services, we provide our cleints with a range of benefits and value services at no cost. Such as scheduled immigration alerts.





Grace, SILU Legal business services coordinator

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